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Welcome To The StormHell Forums
Please Use This Space To Talk About Your StormHell Experience! If You Have Any Questions Feel Free To Ask A Staff Member!
Remember Only Members With the STAFF Tag On Their Profiles Are Official Staff Of StormHell! Please Do Not Fall For Impersonators!
For Faster Support Feel Free To Join Our Discord Server!
Along With That You Can Also Email Me
Forum Rules
1. Be Respectful
Everybody deserves to be respected. Discussions about racism,
sexism, homophobic, religious or political views;
Inappropriate conduct and references;
or any form of Discrimination will not be tolerated.
This includes being rude or toxic, bullying, harassment,
flame-baiting, trolling, and giving out personal information of players.

2. No Advertising
Sending discord links, minecraft server IPs,
etc. is forbidden in this sever without permission.
If you do this, it will result in a ban.

3. Be Appropriate
All content on the server must be appropriate.
Because there are members of many different ages here,
all content is to be kept PG-13. Photos or text which show or describe explicit,
vulgar, gory, or generally offensive content are not allowed.
emojis, profile pictures, and tags must also follow this rule.

4. Threats and Privacy
Any threats against a player or the server are taken at their face value, and will be punished accordingly.
DDoS, DoX, and Physical Harm threats are treated as if the threat is real,
and should not be joked about.
Additionally, sharing shady links or giving out the personal information of other members is not allowed.

5. No spamming
Spamming pictures, words, characters,
anything is against the rules. If you are excessively using caps, that is considered spam.

6. Listen to the High Ranks
If an HR tells you to do something, please listen to them.
Although you may not understand why they are asking , they usually have a reason.
The rules list is not all-inclusive, and although some behavior may not be explicitly against the rules
it still may be disallowed.
The high ranks are trained to know the rules,
and as such their instructions are to be listened to.

7. Punishment Bypass
Creating an alternate account to bypass your punishment will result in a longer punishment,
possibly even a permanent ban on all accounts that you own.
If you've been punished and want to dispute, please create a ban appeal.
After that, it shall be handled accordingly by the staff team.

8. Roles and Ranks
Do not beg for ranks/roles.
There are/will be apps for a reason.
There also will be buyable roles. (Besides Donor Ranks)

9. Updates
These Rules May Be Updated At
Anytime Without Notification
It Is The Responsibility Of The User To
Check Back Often

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